Are you ready?

Deciding to study abroad in the United States is a life-changing decision, and you need advice and support that you can depend on. But let’s face it: students from China face a serious lack of guidance and reliable information when applying to American schools.

Unlike in China, excellent academic performance or test scores alone do not guarantee admission institutions. American schools use a complex process to admit unique individuals who will help them build an interesting and well-rounded class. Your admissions success depends on executing a personalized and well-planned strategy.

That’s why we’ve assembled a bilingual team of former admissions officers and professional educators to assist you. Not only do we have decades of combined experience and inside knowledge of the admissions process at Ivy League and other prestigious schools, but we are intimately familiar with your needs as an international applicant. We are committed to providing principled, transparent, and innovative services that are designed around your specific needs.

So take a deep breath. We’re by your side. Let us help you develop a personal path to success.