The Due West Counselor is a student’s primary contact. An experienced education professional with a firm understanding of the U.S. college experience and application process will lead a student through his or her experience: getting to know a student’s strengths, learning style and developing a personalized strategy to help a student maximize him or herself. The Counselor will coordinate a student’s schedule and work with the rest of the Due West Team to complete all services.


Due West Editors are graduates of American universities with either advanced degrees in writing or extensive experience as writing tutors. Through careful review of essays, editors show a student how to clarify their thoughts with suggestions.

Due West Council Members

The Due West Council (DWC) is made up of former admissions officers from prestigious institutions including: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Tufts, Barnard, and NYU. The DWC provides expert advice on the process from individuals who intimately understand admissions and the educational process. As a resource to students, the DWC provides unparalleled knowledge from individuals that know the process best.