Here Come Boarding Schools

Due West is excited to inform all of our followers that many top US boarding high schools will be visiting China in the coming weeks and holding information sessions introducing themselves to prospective families. This is a great opportunity for students and their parents to learn more about each school and also to network with administrators or alumni from each institution. Due West highly recommends interested families to attend these presentations. Most of the schools require students to contact them in advance of each presentation to register for the information session. Upon successful registration, the schools will provide students with all necessary information, including where the location where the presentation will take place.

As students prepare for these visits, here are DueWest’s tips on how to make the most of these information sessions:
1.Do your research first! Come to the visit prepared to talk about that school. Every school has something that makes them unique. Demonstrate to the school officials you’ve thought about why their school will be the right school for you!
2.Ask a question! With so many students showing up to these presentations, it’s important to distinguish yourself. During the Q and A, make sure you get your hand up in the air to ask a thoughtful question.
3.But remember to share the time. Sometimes,students are so eager to make a good impression on a school, they prepare 2 or 3 questions to ask the school official. This can actually leave a bad impression; instead of remembering the great question you asked, they may only remember that you took up an unfair amount of their time.
4.Follow up with the school to say thank you! If you really enjoyed learning more about their school, tell them! People always like to hear that you appreciated their presentation.

Please see below a list of schools that will be visiting China in the coming week. Due West will continue posting new information on other schools that will be visiting China in the coming weeks so please stay on the lookout for our future posts!

Miss Hall’s School (All-Girls School)

Dates in China:
Beijing: October 26-29
Shanghai: October 30-31
Hong Kong: November 1

Location:Pittsfield, MA
Description: Miss Hall’s is a nationally recognized boarding and day independent secondary school that combines an exceptional college-preparatory curriculum with two innovative, nationally acclaimed programs: Horizons and the Girls’Leadership Project. Offering boarding in grades: 9-12.
Student Information: 136 Boarding/180 total.
To learn moreabout Miss Hall’s, visit
If interested in meeting with the school,send a message to the Admissions Office at

Wyoming Seminary

Dates in China:
Beijing: Oct 27-28
Shanghai: Oct 30-31
Hong Kong: Nov 1

Location: Kingston,PA
Description: Seminary is a suburban school in a small, historic city—Kingston. Enrollment is diverse, representing 15 states and 22 countries. Seminary offers160 courses (including 26 AP), small classes, challenging electives, and astudent/teacher ratio of 8:1. Graduates are accepted to highly competitive colleges.
Student Information: Grades 9-12 and Post Graduate. 171 boarding/406 total.
To learn more about Wyoming Seminary, visit
If interested in meeting with Wyoming Seminary, complete the following form the form is complete, the family will be prompted with further instructions on how to arrange a meeting with Wyoming Seminary.

Fryeburg Academy

Dates in China:
Shanghai: Oct 26
Beijing: October 28-30
Dalian: Nov 2-3

Location:Fryeburg, ME
Description:Fryeburg Academy, founded in 1792, is a dynamic day and boarding school located near the White Mountain National Forest and recreation area. Fryeburg offers a comprehensive curriculum including 14 AP courses, ESOL classes, a tutorial program, 24 sports, and award winning fine arts program.
Student Information: Offering boarding in grades 9-12 and post graduate. 126 boarding/636 total.
To learn more about about Fryeburg, visit
If interested in meeting with the school,contact Mr. Christopher Hibbard, Director of Admissions,

Worcester Academy

Dates in China
Shanghai: Oct. 27-28
Hangzhou: Oct. 29-30
Beijing: Nov. 1-2
Hong Kong: Dec. 8-10

Location: Worcester, MA

Description: Worcester Academy is a co-ed day and boarding school for grades 6-12 and post graduates. Worcester’s urban setting,diverse community, and challenging curriculum provides students with a solid,real-world education. Located 40 miles from Boston, Worcester Academy offersboth 7-day and 5-day boarding.
Student Information: 166 boarding/637 total.
To learn more about Worcester, visit
If interested in meeting with the school,contact Mr. John Ettore, Director of International Recruitment,

Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH)

Dates in China:
Chengdu: Oct 27-28
Beijing: Oct 29-30
Shanghai: Nov 1
Hong Kong: Nov 2-5

Location:Mount Hermon, MA
Description:NMH offers academic excellence through an award-winning and engaged faculty,world-class resources, and careful attention to each student, ensuring individualized support and instruction. The school’s commitment to preparing students not just for college but for the world is what sets NMH apart.
Student Information: Offering boarding in grades 9-12 and post graduate. 531 boarding/645 total.
To learn more about NMH, visit
If interested in meeting with the school,contact Ms. MettaDael, Director of International Admissions,

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