Concord Academy Admissions

Concord Academy’s Director of Admissions,Marie Myers, was in Beijing last week to introduce the school to interested families. Due West was there, so keep reading if you missed a chance to learn about this great school for yourself!

Concord Academy (fondly referred to by its students and teachers as “CA”) is distinctive for 4 reasons:

– Superior academics
– Diverse and inclusive student body
– A culture of independence and responsibility
– Preparing students to be successful in school and life

Case in point? The most popular colleges attended by CA grads include Tufts,Brown, NYU, Yale, Columbia and MIT. In addition to being known for being intellectual, CA students are passionate, goal-oriented, engaged and compassionate. They are lifelong learners, a quality that will not only ensure they do well in the college process but do well in life beyond university.

Marie also shared a few interesting statistics about CA and their Chinese students. In the 2012-2013 admissions cycle, 140 applications were received from China. Only 10 were admitted, of which 8 accepted. With such a high yield in the past year, Chinese students can expect the 2013-2014 admissions cycle will be even more competitive.

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