2016 Summer Celebration

Due West is extremely excited to sincerely welcome you to join the annual Due West Summer Graduation Ceremony. Everyone will gather together to celebrate the tremendous progress made by both the students of Due West and their parents during 2015-2016 and share the joy of success! So, join us in the grand party of Due West!

In this grand ceremony, you can:

  • Listen to Due West students who are about to begin their study in elite American universities and boarding schools share their experience.
  • Listen to the outstanding students’ parents share their parenting experience.
  • Have your questions answered by former admission officers of Ivy League universities in Due West’s team and Due West’s U.S. consultant team during the event.
  • Enjoy a gourmet buffet. You can enjoy the buffet while having face to face conversations with the American consultants, former admissions officers, graduates and their parents!

Time: 2pm, Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Venue: 4th floor, Rosewood Beijing, Chaoyangmen Outer Street No.1, Hujialou, Chaoyang District, Beijing  (next to Due West’s office at Jingguang Center)



1:30-2:00    Sign in

2:00-5:00    Graduation ceremony and sharing session

5:10-6:30    Gourmet buffet and talks

6:30-7:00   Visit Due West ’s office

7:00-9:00    Summer celebration party (only open too Due West students)