• Insider Tips on Acing the SSAT

    Oct 21, 2016

    A Presentation, given by Aimee Gruber, the Senior Director of Outreach and Business Development at SSAT Board

    For students preparing their boarding school applications, now is a critical stage for their SSAT preparation, but few have noticed the changes to the SSAT. This year the SSAT will introduce a new product called the Character Skills Assessment (CSA). How much do you know about this new online admissions tool?

    If you want to learn more about CSA, come by the Due West Education office and attend a presentation on SSAT preparation given by Aimee Gruber, the SSAT Board Senior Director of Outreach and Business Development. She will cover everything you need to know about the CSA, including but not limited to:

    • What is the new added Character Skills Assessment (CSA)?
    • How will students be evaluated by CSA?
    • How can students prepare for CSA?
    • How will boarding schools incorporate the CSA into their review process?
    • What does the SSAT new portal look like?


    Last but not least, she will also interpret the trend of SSAT and applications for Chinese students in recent years based on her rich experience in international admissions.

    A Q&A session will be held following the presentation. Due West invites families to bring their friends and their questions!

    • Time: 6:00PM –7:30PM, Thursday, November 10th, 2016
    • Location: Jing Guang Center, 27th Floor, East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    • Register: Send email to Parida@duewesteducation.com OR call  (010) 85910912
    • Note: This presentation will be delivered in English, with translation in Chinese available.



    Aimee Gruber, Senior Director of Outreach and Business Development at SSAT Board

  • Effective Secondary Essays

    Oct 21, 2016

    Insider tips for writing effective secondary essays — Advice from Saint James School’s Admission Director

    After an exciting interview trip to your favorite U.S. Boarding school, it is time to focus your attention on your next application step: essay writing! While you may have a faint idea of what stories you want to share, do you know how to make it stand out among the competition? The key to an outstanding essay is building dynamic content. With limited time to review your application, your essay must catch the admission officer’s attention from the very first sentence. But do you know what the Admission Officer is expecting to learn from your essay?

    Let us guide you along in this process! We sincerely invite students and parents to join us for the intimate presentation by Mr. Ben Douglass, Director of Admission from Saint James School in Hagerstown, Maryland. Mr. Douglass will share an insider’s perspective to the application process, revealing what admission committees really look for in an applicant’s essays. He will also share from his first hand experience what is it really like living and studying in U.S boarding school.

    All students and parents are welcome to join!

    Benjamin H. Douglass, Director of Admissions at Saint James School in Maryland

    Time: 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 13th, 2016
    Address: Jingguang Center, 27th Floor, East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020
    Register:Email parida@duewesteducation.com OR phone (010) 85910912-0
    (Due West families could notify parent counselor in advance)

  • 2016 Summer Celebration

    Jun 1, 2016

    Due West is extremely excited to sincerely welcome you to join the annual Due West Summer Graduation Ceremony. Everyone will gather together to celebrate the tremendous progress made by both the students of Due West and their parents during 2015-2016 and share the joy of success! So, join us in the grand party of Due West!

    In this grand ceremony, you can:

    • Listen to Due West students who are about to begin their study in elite American universities and boarding schools share their experience.
    • Listen to the outstanding students’ parents share their parenting experience.
    • Have your questions answered by former admission officers of Ivy League universities in Due West’s team and Due West’s U.S. consultant team during the event.
    • Enjoy a gourmet buffet. You can enjoy the buffet while having face to face conversations with the American consultants, former admissions officers, graduates and their parents!

    Time: 2pm, Sunday, June 5th, 2016

    Venue: 4th floor, Rosewood Beijing, Chaoyangmen Outer Street No.1, Hujialou, Chaoyang District, Beijing  (next to Due West’s office at Jingguang Center)



    1:30-2:00    Sign in

    2:00-5:00    Graduation ceremony and sharing session

    5:10-6:30    Gourmet buffet and talks

    6:30-7:00   Visit Due West ’s office

    7:00-9:00    Summer celebration party (only open too Due West students)


  • TABS/NAIS Global Symposiumin

    Mar 1, 2016

    Due West Education attended the TABS/NAIS Global Symposiumin Long Beach, CA on Sunday, April 17-Tuesday, April 19. The conference brought together over 240 international educators from over 100 different schools, to discuss the trends for global education and give insights on the challenges facing their schools.

    The Due West team met a variety of head of schools, admission directors, teachers and student support staff from well-known schools such as The Hotchkiss School, Phillips Exeter Academy, Loomis Chaffee School, Mercersburg Academy, The Governor’s Academy, and Pomfret School. We gained valuable insider information from our individual conversations and from participating in informational sessions. Read below for a recap of key take aways:

    Workshop name: Measuring Soft Skills during Decision Time

    Due West experience: “The workshop on Vericant was full of helpful information. Joe Kremer, Assistant Dean of Admission from Pomfret School, along with a Vericant representative, showed examples of several different Vericant interviews. We learned how Vericant scores the individual sections, and compared good sections with average/poor sections of interviews. Most importantly, several schools in the workshop discussed how they evaluate Vericant interviews, and how students can perform well in them.”

    Due West advice: Schools respond best to students whose personality shines on camera, and find ways to share unique and interesting stories about themselves.

    Workshop name: The Power of the Introverts in Boarding School

    Due West experience: “This session was very interactive! Fran Ryan, Assistant Headmaster and Brooke Giese, Director of Global Studies from Rumsey Hall had educators discuss different characteristics they see from introverted and extroverted students, and how this can help them or hurt them in the classroom. Most importantly, several schools shared the techniques they use to allow more introverted students to show their strengths in interviews and in the classroom.

    Due West advice: Schools are looking for all types of students, including both introverted and extroverted personalities. Identify what is interesting about you and determine the best way to show it.

    Workshop name: China Market Admissions: Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

    Due West experience: “Hearing about communication challenges from the schools’ perspective was the most valuable part of this workshop. Chris Blondin, Associate Director of Admission from The Governor’s Academy and the founder of Finding School.com, shared data and personal stories of how Chinese families communicate and gather information about secondary schools. Also, different schools in the session shared their most frustrating communication barriers among Chinese families, which can unknowingly hurt the students’ admission application.

    Due West advice: A school’s website is the best place to find helpful and accurate information, including testing requirements, college matriculation data, and academic curriculums. Do not annoy an admission officer by asking obvious questions. Also, be very cautious when sharing personal emails with school officials on your WeChat or infriend groups – if they discover this has happened, the school can revoke your admission decision!

    Workshop name: Admission/ Marketing Networking Discussion Group

    Due West experience: “This roundtable discussion allowed educators involved in the admission and marketing processes to connect with other like-minded individuals. They shared their concerns and advice for the next cycle, including how to make the most out of international recruitment trips and how best to work with consultants.

    Due West advice: Many schools have limited travel budgets, so they are very strategic about how often and which cities they visit in China each year. Many schools work with reliable consultants to help them find great students. However, a school will quickly lose trust in a consultant that tries to send them underqualified students or students who are the wrong fit for their school community.

  • Due West in Haidian

    Jul 9, 2014


    Do you want to learn how to decipher the word “context” frequently used in college essay prompts? Do you want to write smarter essays? Please come listen to 3 knowledgeable speakers — experts in the admissions process — as they explain to you!

    Time: Friday, 7/11, 2 pm

    Address: Crown Plaza Zhongguancun Hotel, Meeting Room 4, 106 Zhichun Road, Haidian District

    Please email mao@duewesteducation.com or call 18001298321 to RSVP for the event.

  • Due West on TV

    Apr 18, 2014

    Due West employees were on a Chinese TV program to share their professional expertise and perspectives on applying to study abroad.

    We are excited to share the news that two of Due West’s team members were invited to make appearances on a Chinese TV program to share their professional expertise and perspectives on applying to study abroad. Michael Novielli, one of the Due West co-founders, discussed how to be successful studying abroad in the United States. Christopher Ross, Due West Vice President of Graduate Admissions, talked about effective application strategies. We look forward to seeing these two participate in more programs in the future!




  • Due West Event Info:2013/12/29

    Dec 29, 2013

    Top US College Student Panel

    Want to hear about the academic work, campus life, and cultural experiences of students at top American colleges? Come meet current Chinese students from Harvard University, Columbia University, Vanderbilt University, New York University and more US colleges to learn about their journey to these top programs and get yourself better prepared!

    Time: Sunday12/29, 2-4:30pm

    Address: Suite 2701, Jing Guang Centre, Hujialou, ChaoYang District, Beijing

    Tel:+86 10 85910912-896 /18001031816

    Please Email mao@duewesteducation.com with the following info to sign up for the event: your name, student’s grade,your contact information and number of people attending the event.

  • Congratulations on Your Acceptance!

    Dec 20, 2013

    Due West would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and an early Happy New Year!

    We know that this time of year can be especially stressful for college applicants, and we want to extend extra encouragement and well wishes to you all.

    As many of you are aware, many universities release the results of their Early Decision and Early Action applications. In the spirit of the season, we want to especially congratulate our Due West students who have been accepted to the following schools:

    Barnard College (2)

    Brown University (1)

    Case Western Reserve University (1)

    Columbia University (3)

    Cornell University (3)

    Drexel University (1)

    Fordham University (4)

    Northeastern University (1)

    Northwestern University (4)

    Rutgers University (1)

    School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1)

    UIUC (1)

    University of Chicago (2)

    University of Notre Dame (1)

    University of Pennsylvania-Wharton (1)

    Yale-NUS (1)

  • Due West Event Info: 2013/12/19

    Dec 19, 2013

    Break Activity Planning and Application Workshop

    Break Activity Planning and Application Workshop

    Ready to think ahead and make plans for your upcoming winter break or even the summer of next year? Come to join former Ivy League college admissions officers in their talk about how to plan YOUR break!

    Time: Thursday 12/19, 7-9pm

    Address: Suite 2701, Jing Guang Centre, Hujialou, ChaoYang District, Beijing

    Tel:+86 10 85910912-896 / 18001031816

    Please Email mao@duewesteducation.com with the following info to sign up for the event: date of event you will attend, your name, student’s grade, and number of people attending the event.